... be spoilt of choice


  • Southern Spirit Line: modern design, proofed products and materials influenced by European RV's for as small as a Pop-Top Campervan to bigger RV's. For people who would like something special and requesting a full custom designed and real custom-made, unique conversion. Planning from scratch, we use finest products and material and build in German precision and quality to create your dream RV.
    Our Spirit Line layouts starting from $28.000 for smaller vans and $40.000 for larger (such as Sprinter) vehicles.
    Trust our experience and expertise: Your ideas and your plans are our goal!
  • Running Free: smart, back to basic, economically priced and fitted with all your needs and a large choice of layout ideas. The range for money wise travellers. Your van to getaway for shorter trips or for modern people looking for a fresh, practical layout to enjoy the long trip around Australia without all the bangs and whistles.
  • Savannah Extreme: interior, layout, conversions and extra gear for 4WD vehicles only. From full B-Class 4x4 conversions to smart storage solutions for your camping gear, the Roo basher, roof basket excess ladders and much more.
  • Weekenders Escape: Today its becoming widley popular to use smaller vehicles as every day runners, with the feature to use them for weekends and shorter trips. The conversion ideas are also known as Mini Campers, Car Camping ideas and often can be removed when not required. Ideal for models like the VW Caddy, Renault Kangoo, SWB vans and people movers. A budget wise and dual use solution.


your own vehicle
The BYO idea -
For many reasons it's not always  the best way to buy a new Campervan or RV.
You maybe already own a Campervan, but there are features you missing or the layout is not up to your satisfaction.
You maybe do not want to spend all you savings on a brand new Camper or RV- rather it would be great to spend your money on your trip self.
You maybe own a commercial van, always dreaming about a Conversion which is as individual as you are. 

Previous fit outs, samples and more

In our photo gallery below you will find some sample pictures from previous conversions displayed in areas. In the left menue you will find complete conversions we carried out for our customers.

Please note: every vehicle is a unique build and that's why we do not show standard layouts!

You might getting inspired by having a closer look?! Enjoy....


bed & seat

kitchen & cooking

tables & fold up's

overhead storages


windows, hatches & screens


detail's & extra's

Are you beeing inspired now!?!? We do hope so! See the available floor plans and measurements for Transporters as Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter, VW Transporter T4 / T5 and Ford Transit- be creative and make some sketches for your layout. You can bring them with you, when we catch up to discuss what we can do for you and to estimate building costs for you.Also we supply a questionarie to figure out what your needs are in a Campervan.

All shown samples are designed areas we worked together with all parties to fulfill all needs or preferences of the vehicle owners by not loosing focus on feasibility and the planned budgets.

Wanna see some before & after pictures?

One of the major aspects how a conversion will look like is the choosen "shell"- the kind of vehicle which will be transformed from a basic people mover, commercial or used RV into a truly, unique travel companion on wheels.