Ideal Solo RV - small foot print and still able to invite

Mostly to use as a Solo female traveler- but still able to share the ride ?! Our customer had an "suits best" solo RV in mind, but unsure what she wanted- the question was : "what is if I have a friend traveling with me or my grand child?
The base vehicle however was set: a Mercedes Sprinter MWB to make sure its handy to park and manovoure thru all cities as well has having a stress free trip into regional areas..

The van has a compact foot print and therefore is ideal to cater for a mainly solo person. Typical Southern Spirit, we came up with a bit different type of layout as what you usually see of the shelf!

Inside you will find all the convenience as in a LWB version and we made sure that every single details was looked into and making this RV a welcoming and practical van which ticked all boxes for the owner..


Some of the features:

  • all furniture's build with Laminex fronts and in light weight material
  • plenty of storage, drawers and overheads all around. lots of kitchen space
  • dinette area to sit with up to 3 people inside
  • fully insulated inside with double glazed hopper window around
  • ample setup for elevated fridge, 240V oven/ grill and microwave
  • LPG free system, still with hot water system
  • modern operation panels and display system and recessed circuit breaker for aesthetic look
  • 2 single bunk bed layout, so guest can sleep "upstairs"
  • compact kitchen with inside flip up bench extension
  • custom bathroom, with modern cassette toilet and a proper vanity with storage underneath, shower outside
  • 12V system with Redarc BMS15 all in one solution AND 160W solar panels on roof
  • 12V operated antenna system on roof and Sphere TV setup
  • 80L fresh water and 50 liter grey water tank
  • dinette table to clip on table
  • rear storage to access from open barn doors too


The whole layout was step by step designed and planned together with the customer as a true example of a Southern Spirit Line conversion - one we think is extremely suitable for single people or friends traveling together..