VW vans - the most popular choice for smaller Camper vans world wide

All over the world- VW Transporters are likely the most used base vehicles for (smaller) campervan conversions since over 60 years.

From classic Kombis to the latest VW T6.1 models- they are not only iconic, the have many fans and followers who consider using them as their base vehicle of choice to fulfil their dreams of being independent, versatile and ready for the road adventures to come, whether as a weekender get away, a dual use vehicle or a full time, vanlife ready home on wheels.


We have created many individual conversions based on LWB and SWB Veedubs over the year for our customers.

Especially with a Transporter there are so many products, features and appliances available which are  specific desinged for  this vans- so you have a vast choice of options to include in your van build.


If you see a conversions you like which we have done before- let us know- or  discuss you own plans for a new creation with us.