Classic European style for motorhoming Couples

Going to a Caravanshow, checking out dozen of layouts from manufacturers and still not satisfied?

This conversions have been build into a new ELWB Fiat Ducato's and can nearly be called  classic layouts.

The dinette area is behind the driver seat, a permanent large double bed in the rear and a kitchen along side the passenger side.


But there are a few details which making this RV's a typical Southern Spirit conversion:

  • the bathroom is extra large or has a full vanity cabinet
  • the dinette areas are elevated (with storage underneath)
  • the bed is elevated or asymetric to create more storage space
  • "made in Germany" monitoring gadgets from Votronic
  • the drawers in the kitchen area are extra wide
  • elevated fridge for better access
  • all overheads have rear walls
  • no fabric on the walls
  • fully insulated behind the 3mm ply walls
  • special Ducato bike rack from overseas

The customers have also able to choose all colours too!
The results are fantastic- the customers did get want they wanted, added on extra gadgets and SAVED around 15-20% towards a similar standard product of the shelf....