reverse tilted Reimo roof

Perfect solution for conversions with bathroom and / or main cabinetry kitchen in the rear and where additional passenger seats are located behind behind the front cabin.

Easy to operate with gas struts and pratical strap locking mechanism- this roof is suitable for 2WD as well as 4 Motions vans

Fitted with a optional upper bed this roof makes it quite enjoyable to look outside the large window at the back.

Available for the LWB VW Transporter T5 and T6.

Internal standing height in sliding door area from 1.70m and at the rear its tilting up to enormous 2.40m height.

Sleek design and aerodynamic spoiler making the roof near invisible when down. The van total height is under 2 meters (this applies to 2WD versions- please check your vehicle thoroughly )and allows driving into undercover parking spots and narrow garages.



Volkswagen T5 / T6 Transporter or Crewvan supply and fit from                                                                                 $8.795*


We will order the roof especially for you- so 5-6 months from order to fitting date are realistic.

* Colour matching roof, final trimming inside and roof engineer certificate / mod plates at additional cost