Mini Car Camper Caddy - Back to Basic

Heard about car camping? Perfect dual usable cars are the Holden Combo or the VW Caddy Maxi.

Handy during the week being a small car and using it for the weekend as a basic camper- that was our target on this mini conversion.

The conversion is a modular system and the bed extention can be slipped away under the main bed. Fridge cupboard and seating box can be both easy removed when loading and transport space is requested.

Under the main bed is a slide out mini kitchen with a 20l water tank, a manual tap, storage and bench space for outside cooking.

The small table inside can be fold up and will not take much space.


This layout was also focused on budget- so we kept everything simple in this layout and could suprise the happy owner to walk away with a camping car conversion on a $3,500 mark.


Reimo Caddy Car Camper de Luxe

This smart layout can be ordered in a package deal- also the roof is available on his own. Reimo did win the Runner up award in the UK with this compact concept. Great for young families as well as single casual travellers.

The "de Luxe" version if you want a 5 seater car VW Caddy- as well as I nice little campervan as getaway. This mini camper sleeps 3 people!! The video shows the "german" version but it certainly set up perfectly well on the right hand drive vehicle....

Please contact us if you request pricing and further informations.