Nissan Elgrand elevated roof conversions

Nissan E52 campervan roof



This European roof is specific designed for the Nissan Elgrand- available for different types such as the E52 and gives extra space inside and ads on luxury, open feeling.


You can also order a top bed for it to sleep upstairs at extra cost to make it even a 3 or 4 sleeper camper great for families with small kids! The upper bed option is spacious enough for either one smaller adult or 2 kiddies and has around 176x95cm size mattress dimensions.


Plenty of height inside with  approx. 1.65m at the back and in the front 2.10m standing height  when open.


Canvas skirt coming with 3 windows, ALL of them with mossie screen fly nets for best ventilation and to keep the bugs outside.

Super slim and sleek design when closed- stays around the 2m mark and you can enter nearly every under cover car park.

Aerodynamic front spoiler to avoid road noise while driving.



  • this roof can only be fitted when your van has NO sunroof in the front/ driver cab area.
  • only available on special order, coming from Europe
  • please contact us for further details and pricing from $15,000 onwards