interior refurbishment with extra space

For solo travellers- a reliable and easy to handle 4x4 as base vehicle is a must. The Bushcamper Troopies offer standing height inside.

The goal was to get the whole interior done new from scratch, including new floor and cater for the wish of a upright fridge. As snorkelling and diving gear needed extra space, the bed was elevated a bit higher  than usual.



Included have been following features:

  • comfortable single, fixed bed with large storage for diving gear
  • access under bed from behind passenger front seat door
  • inside/ outside dual use table and side board storage
  • driver side kitchen for basic cooking
  • 50l Waecoe 12V  upright fridge
  • 12V battery system
  • storage area in rear cabinets for food and gear- ideal to cook under tailgate
  • plenty of storage all around and easy to reach


The conversion was planned to stay in within a reasonable budget- easy to use and access and being practical for a solo traveller.

Capable to go off road and longer stay abroad.