Campervan and Motorhomes seats & bed solutions

A major feature in many conversions is a seat solution which also will converts into a bed.
While beds which do not have to be also a seat belted solution for additional passengers and can be designed individual- more thoughts and a larger budget shall be calculated when your (future) campervan also shall include the addition of extras and safe seating.
There are different options and levels of comfort and several solutions available in price ranges from $1.600 to $11.000

RIB  2 seater- modern, convertible solution from Europe

Made in Germany- the sophisticated Variotech track seats by Reimo

budget Australian seat with sleeping option

Classic Rock'n'Roll hinges and seat option DIY builders

Swivel solutions and turn tables for passenger & driver seats

Turn tables and swivels for a many vans can be found in our online shop- please have a look here

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