12V Monitoring, charging & latest 12V LED lightning

12V RV products

ALL lights listed on this side are LED lights and do come with 5 years german manufacturer warranty!

LED lights will draw much less than Halogen or Fluro lights- the benefits of using LED is having a bright light and using less power from your leisure battery.


For example on 12V:

1x 10 Watt Halogen light will draw 0.85 amp per hour from your battery

1x LED reading light will draw ONLY 0.08 amp per hour from your battery


Choose the best lights for your Campervan and Motorhome!

12V products


Monitoring your consumers and usage? Monitors and panels as upgrades -  Change your lights to LED upgrades to optimise battery usage.


Benefit from accurate measuring of your house battery and keep an eye on your usage.

Also modern conversion's shall be fit with 12V or multi current 9-33V LED lights.

Choose from:

  • VOTRONIC battery computer (can be easy retro fit to your vehicle)"Fuel gauge for the batteries"
    coming with a 200amp shunt, remote slim line panel and a exact reading gauge in %, amperage/voltage
    MADE in GERMANY suitable for all type of batterys- more info under Votronic specs


Gooseneck lights - handy and versatile and ideal to use in lounge, dinette and bed areas. Also great for elevated roofs. Latest edition NEW - Gooseneck with built-in USB parts- Premium German brand.

  • chrome 12V Gooseneck with  2x USB port, 1.5 watt 105 Lumen, 4000K brightness, each USB port  with 1amp
  • small gooseneck light with 9 LEDS solid base and easy to reach switch, 100mm arm, chrome design (item 83366)
  • rare: WARM white swivel reading light 12V, clear galss, solid body, transculent spreader


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