Under 2 metres - PLEASE!

The idea was to get a van which is perfect to use for everyday driving and also a perfect little camper to leave the City and travel for a few days or weeks abroad.

All sounds easy, BUT- the problem was that the van had to have 4 seats and also the possibility to sleep up to 4 travellers and as a MUST HAVE: has to stay under a total height of 2 metres to fit at home in the shared townhouse garage.

This conversion features:

  • 4 seats with seat belts (Reimo V1000)
  • storage space under seats
  • 2 single beds easy to make up
  • galley kitchen on the rear passenger side
  • Origo portable stove  burner stove for inside and outside use
  • sink with lid and tap
  • driver side with full height extra storage cabinets
  • 65 l fridge, storage cabinetry on driver side
  • 40 litre fresh water tank, 12V water pump
  • aux cold
  • both sides overhead storage and storage above driver cabin
  • storage for table and pic nic chairs
  • smart 12V set up with Redarc B2B charger, USB/ACC sockets- LED lights all around
  • 240V/15A battery charger, power points, circuit breaker
  • NEW premium "out of the way" upper bed
  • Multirail outside and windows with
  • insect  fly screen at back and secure driver cab AIRvents for better ventilation