VW Multivan - People mover and holiday getaway

When customers looking for a every day runner and people mover to cater for the transport of the whole family- the VW T5/T6 Multivan is a ideal choice.
Also the Multivan can be upgraded to a even better weekender and a short holiday van with  bed extensions, storage cupboards, drawer fridges, soft storage's and last but not least a elevating roof. The roof can be used for gaining standing height as well as a upper bed can be fitted to sleep 2 more people inside.

Due to the versatile  seating system from VW running on tracks- the Multivan is a ideal dual use van for work, family and leisure purposes.

We can offer and build complete custom designed solutions- to suit best your personal needs.

We can assist with roof conversion, bed extensions, removable storage systems and 12V aux battery set ups. Please contact us for further information's.


We can also offer ordering and installing front swivel seats or the Vanessa Australia furniture modules kit if requested.

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