Sweet little home

When customers had already a few different caravans, campervans and motorhomes in the past... they have a very exact plan in mind. They know what they like and what they really dislike- now: they want  to squeeze all they great ideas and plans into a van... in this case a  very small van.

The base vehicle is a VW Transporter SWB- so very handy to use as a every day runner.

Inside, the van is packed with gadgets such as the requested brand new 95 liter  3 - way Dometic fridge RM2365, a Diesel heater for this chilly nights, a very deep, round but small, special sink, huge storage under the elevated bed. Also the customer wished to have a extra seat next to the bed and a large wardrobe to store all her clothes.

We had some sleepless nights when trying to get all of this into this little van- but Oh wonder.... mission accomplished- our customers wish list was all ticked off when she picked up her van.

The van is at the moment for a single lady traveller- but thanks to the Reimo roof, another top bed could be retro fit at later stage when required and could sleep then 2-3 people.