How much can you fit in ?!

We should be used to the ideas and wish lists of our customers- who all tend to over estimate the real size of their base vehicles- in this case a VW factory T5 Transporter high roof van.

This one was a true challenge for us- the layout idea was coming from the Award winning Reimo Multistyle - but while the Award winner has no overheads, no hot water system and only a 40 litre fridge and 20+ litre fresh water tank OUR customers wanted the real deal!

This Spirit Line conversion features:

  • 4 seats with seat belts (Reimo V1000)
  • storage space under seats
  • 2 single beds easy to make up
  • galley kitchen on the rear passenger side
  • 2 burner LPG stove and quick hook on LPG gas outlet for BBQ use on LHS 
  • sink with lid, hot water sytem
  • 4 drawers, 3 doors, extra storage space
  • 80 l fridge, storage cabinetry on driver side
  • 60 litre fresh water tank, 12V water pump
  • extendible bathroom with real Dometic cassette toilet
  • wardrobe hanging space and toiletry storage space
  • aux shower hot and cold
  • both sides overhead storage and storage above driver cabin
  • storage for table and pic nic chairs
  • smart 12V set up with B2B charger, 120W roof solar panels, USB/ACC sockets
  • latest 12V touch screen operated roof hatch for better ventilation, insulated roof ceiling
  • 240V/15A battery charger, power points, ciruit breaker
  • awning outside and windows with insect and secure mesh