maintainance Tips & Tricks for RV owners

Since October 2015 we do publish as co-writer in the online magazine IMotorhome a column called Techspert's special. We hope that owners of campervans and motorhomes can learn a bit here and there - to be more independent to maintain their beloved RV's and carry out basic checks.

Since Issues 81 we have every 14 days a new topic.

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Hatch a plan - whats on your roof
In this article we looking for first aid solutions and tips all around your roof hatches. Yes - the do bring light in and create air flow- but they also can become your biggest nightmare.
Issued original in Imotorhome magazine 103
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Tanks a lot - water pump and water filters
This issue we take a look at your vehicle's fresh water system and how to get the most from it. Regular maintenance is – or should be – part and parcel of the RV ownership experience.....
To read more, feel free to download the whole article
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Keep cooling- about your RV fridge
This time we show you simple tips and checks for your fridge. Are the seals still okay? Where to get spare seals? How about dust which makes your fridge running harder and therefore using more power...
The full article is here for free to download
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Flush with success?! All things around your RV toilet
Yes, they are handy and to travel more independ they are a must. But do we know how it looks inside our RV toilet? Simple tips and hints how to keep your Dometic or Thetford toilet in a good shape and to make sure its not getting scary when you thinking about using your loo,,,
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A word of awning - use and abuse of wind out awnings
What's important to enjoy your awning for a long time? As a exampel we have alook at a F45S awning from Fiamma. Also showing some simple repair and TLC steps. Download now
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Safety First- your emergency back ups
We take a look at smoke alarms and fire extinguishers- what we shall keep in mind and what we should check on a frequent base. All Rv's in Australia have to have them... when did you checked yours last time!?
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RV's First AID kit - get ready for your next trip
Most people will have a first aid kit on board when they go for holidays. However, do you have a first aid kit for your RV??? We have collected handy bits and pieces your RV kit shall contain and explain what you can use them for. From magic tapes and handy zip ties to which ones are the most needed onboard tools in a camper.
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Info sheet for dampness and moisture issues
A not to miss information for all people who want to gain some knowledge about what water can do to their RV's.
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