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FAQ  for RV window thermal screens

What are the differences between European Made and Australian Made screens?

All SOLARscreen Australia are produced all and every time from the same materials. The European sun screens are sourced from different suppliers and may have different stitching patterns, bind colours or suction cups. Most of the European screens are only 7 layer products compared to the 9 layers from SOLARscreen. The "standard" sun screens are good value for money.

The European suppliers such as NRF, HDT or Carbest often only offer driver cabin solutions and while they are all vehicle specific- they are not as superior in shape and style and in general do not offer much overlap beyond the glass areas.

With a price difference of often $100 or more- SOLARscreens are the Rolls Royes of window screens and cater best for all people who want super long lasting quality. This is reflected with a 3 years vs the general 12 months warranty.

A great bonus apart from their attractive price of the European sun screens is, that they are ready for dispatch immediately.


Are all the European Made screens the same?

For all European Made suns screens we advertise we warrant that they have at least 7 layers for protection and certainly each cabin set will come in a consistent style. But because we source the screens from various manufactures in Europe they can differ in the stitching patterns of the material ie round, wavy or diamond shapes and also the inside last layer fabric might vary between the different sun screen brands.

Also suction cups can be slight different by each manufacturer, from 1 piece models to 2 piece set ups.
All sun screen from Europe certainly do come with a 1 year warranty!


Why are all our offered RV window screens better than the cheapo version for $20-40 in car accessory shops?





Sunlight are waves where the invisible waves we feel as heat, they are called infra red radiation and UV lights. Our screens have several layers of  a patented and unique material which minimises this waves to transfer from one side to the other. As more layers you have, as better will be the insulation and preventing the waves penetrating through the material.  The stitching patterns holding the material in place to prevent unequal density.
The often very cheap, foldable windscreen shades often only have 1 layer with a thin aluminium outer surface bonded to each side in comparison.
SOLARscreens are made of 9 layers of very reflective Mylar and polyethylene foam.












How long does it takes to get my SOLARscreen order?

All SOLARscreens are usually made to order! There is such a huge variety of SOLARscreens to choice from that they can not be all held in stock. Often the set is therefore goes in production once we have received your order. We always try to get them manufactured as quick as possible and while this can be as short as 3 days, in peak season (which is in general from October to March) due to high demand it can take up to 35 days before they are ready for dispatch.
Smart buyers: order in the the off peak months for super quick deliveries!
Alternative: the "European" made screens are stock items and can be shipped same or next day- in case you need to get them fast.


My sun screens do not hold any more on the glass! What can I do?

All suction cups do require for best results a clean and smooth surface!  It is a good idea to keep your windows and windscreen therefore reasonable clean. Every now and then use some glass cleaner such as Windex to clean the glass. The result will also give you a much better overall view while driving and will also take the slight marks caused by the suction cups away. Depending where you travelling and how often you put your screens on and off, we recommend a inside galas clean every 2 weeks in average.


The window screen fall of my rear windows, can you help?

Some rear windows and glasses can be either frosted (to prevent "inside view" such as on Ambulance vans or you may have heated rear windows or tailgates where fine heating wires are on the inside of your glass.
In this case the insulation screens can struggle and you may have problems to create a vacuum with the suction cups and the screen just do fall off.

A good solution is to find out where the suction cups sits and to apply some clear silicon round patches or clear car  foil  to this area. Make the "stickers" round and a bit larger in diameter as the suction cup to allow for "non precise" fitting.


Can sun screens damage my tinted windows?

Usually this shall not happen! Only in circumstance where the tinted foil on a glass was not applied proper, very cheap thing foil has been used or on very old tinting you may find that the Vacuum "power" of your sun screens suction cups starting to lift the foil of the glass.


Can I get spare suction cups?

Lost or damaged some of your  screens suction cups? No problem. We have in our shop spare cups which can be ordered in every qty to help for BOTH the European and the Australian SOLARscreen. Just enter "spare suction cup" on the product search to find them.
Also, each new set of SOLARscreens will come with 2 spare suction cups for peace of mind when you order.

ALTERNATIVE options  For vehicles which you can not find in our online shop: We can also offer for all other vans, 4x4 trucks and buses  the famous Solarscreens made in Australia for rear windows, roof hatches and openings in every shape and size! The custom range versions are all made to order and we can post out template kits if required.

NEW: insulation screens for sky lights, roof hatches RV windows now available. Please ask us for more details.

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Set of 3 sun screens for driver cabins

Keep the heat  and cold outside and add some privacy to your beloved motorhome and campervan.

  • Set of 3 for front cabin
  • 7 layer of insulation material
  • designed and shaped to fit specific models
  • controls the temperature inside your motorhome
  • reducing condensation inside our camper
  • blocks views inside and adds privacy
  • quality product, feather light
  • easy to pack away with handy storage bag
  • easy to set up with suction cups
  • made in Italy  by NRF
  • 100% satisfaction warranty

You will be surprised how much better your RV will be insulated with the screen. The screens do not only keep the heat outside, they also insulate when its cold outside. They are the perfect solution for better insulation inside your vehicle and to improve temperatures inside.

insulation set of screen (3 screens per pack)


  • Limited Availability
  • 1 day handling time for shipping1