Mercedes Vito & Viano roofs 2006 onwards

In the last decade- in Germany there have been many roofs being developed for the different Mercedes commercial and people mover vans.

From the  3345mm wheel base to the ELWB for the Vito as well as Viano and also some Hitops roofs were specific designed to cater for this compact range of Mercedes vehicles.
There are models around with steel sub frames as well as complete fibreglass bases and lids or are a one piece Highroof version


It's very important that you know which Mercedes you own, when contacting us for a roof conversion or fit-out ideas.


All roofs have the option to add a upper bed, you can cater then for a family and adding on 2 extra sleeping spaces.

Standing height is on the flip top versions on the lower side 1.70m or more and up to 2.30m at the higher end.

All elevated roofs are easy to operate, thanks to there gas strut operation.

The roofs can hold up to 30-35 kg extra weight, so you can opt for a roof rack system to carry smaller storage boxes, some surf boards or a light weight Kayak.



  • low profile and specific designed for your van
  • roof inside finished with crushed velvet finish and extra insulation
  • 3  large windows (2 with mossie screens)
  • adds on approx 80mm in height to actual vehicle height
  • 2015 models coming with separate sleek front spoiler
  • easy to operate gas strut lifting system
  • easy and simple closing/ secure the roof when down with strap lock setup
  • great internal standing height from 175cm to 235cm (from low to higher end)
  • spacious upper beds where you can sit comfortable on the higher end
  • supply and fit only (we do not just selling/ship the roofs as separate items)


Price starting from $8.840 for MWB versions also LWB and ELWB available


Please contact us for further details.

Only available on special order, so we allocate a roof particular for you for production in Germany. You shall estimate a average from order to fitting date time frame of 5 months.