How much is a Campervan or Motorhome conversion?

The price for a custom conversion will very much depend on what base vehicle you have, how your layout is, which appliances you wish to incorporated and also what size and quality of products you require!

It"s similar to planning to build a house or getting the idea about how much a house of your choice would cost you.


To help us and to unable us to give you at least a rough estimate- please give us some details and as accurate as possible! Remember, as more precise you are and specific what you have in mind- as better we can help.

You can also in the  last message field send us a link from pictures, files or videos from van you have seen or ideas you came across you like. All above will help us even better to envision what you have in mind.



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Download the floor plan from your van:

look thru a campervan layout


You may consider about some of relevant factors:


  • How many people has the conversion to carry?
  • How many weeks or months (each year) you want to travel?
  • Do I need standing height inside the vehicle?
  • Do I prefer a permanent bed and/or separte convertible benches?
  • Do I need toilet and/or shower at all?
  • Do i want to cook inside and/or outside?
  • Do I have particular special needs?
  • How much money I would like to spend?
  • I am the adventurous or comfort lover or practical focused or Backpacker style typ of traveller?


Feel free to download one of the floor plans. Print them out and make a few rough drawings.  How would you  like your campervan layout should look like?

Ford Transit 1990 -1999
Commercial van Ford Transit. This floor plan is for the low and mid roof based modell build from 1990-1999
Ford Transit Draufsicht.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 30.5 KB
Mercedes Sprinter 413 and 416
Floor plan for the big commercial van. The Mercedes Sprinter LWB version, modell 413 and 416 (CDI).
JPG Image 104.4 KB
Hiace specs from mid 1980ties
Toyota Hiace size dimensions from the early to mid 80 ties model
Adobe Acrobat Document 170.4 KB
VW Transport T4
Specification sheet of size and measurements for LWB and SWB Volkswagen Transports from 1992 to 2002
JPG Image 380.0 KB
Fiat Ducato LWB
Fiat Ducato Transporter floor plan with dimensions for high roof model- sold in AU from 2000 to 2007.
Adobe Acrobat Document 79.3 KB
Renault Trafic post 2014 LWB
Post 07/2014 Renault Trafic long wheel base floor plan , internal cargo area lenghts is 2973mm.
Renault-Trafic0floor-to print.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 218.0 KB

What do I need in my future camper?

We created a little questionarie to see what kind of traveller you are and to get a clearer view what YOU like and what you realy need on your trip(s). Have a look and you might surprise yourself.

Questionarie for a future camper conversion
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.0 KB