FAQ RV water tanks

General water tank information

A essential part in every campervan conversions are the water tanks.

We discovered that there is a lack of water tanks available on the market which is shaped to specific vehicles, so we sourced the best tanks from Europe and Australia for a successful campervan conversion.

In within the conversion you most than likely will look for a tank which has a practical volume in liters as well as a low profile and will tuck away underneath the vehicle coming with a (near) flush finish.  This is especially important on low clearance vehicles as most front wheel drive commercial e.g. Renault Trafic, Renault Master, Fiat Ducato, Volkswagen Transporter and others.

  • All water tanks a router moulded and build in durable 4-8mm food grade plastic.
  • round large inspection hole/lid can be extra ordered
  • food grade plastic - so NO smell and NO bad taste
  • you can choose where thread ports will be located

If you need a different shape or size,we can offer over 100 different tanks.


Do you also sell water tank brackets, pumps and gauges?

We do offer a range of 12B submersible and pressed pumps,  probes and gauges to suit your water plumbing set up. We also have some universal tank holding solutions. Please find this items in our shop here.

In regards to tank brackets- a alternative (if you can weld) might be to make up your own  set of brackets.

I do not have the tools to fit inlets or outlets- can you help?

Some of our water tanks are offered as COMPLETE -ready to fit- KITS. For most other tanks: At extra cost we offer optional that you can add different type of inlets, outlets, breathers and inspection ports.

Note: we do need you  to supply a sketch or draft where your exactly advise us where you need your fittings to be located on the tank. You can attach this sketch to the tank order direct or you can email us prior purchase if unsure.

See sample below:

Can I return a unused water tank I ordered before from you?

ONLY blank tanks and stock standard tanks which have NOT been modified from us or you can be returned to us- however- we do ask for a 10% re stocking fee.

SO if you have ordered a tank with specific fit inlets, outlets etc we can unfortunate do not accept a return- as this was a custom order.

So, please make sure you order the correct tank and advise of correct locations and type of additional fittings you may add to your water tank order.

Why can I not find a tank for my vehicle and what can I do?

Over the years, vehicle manufacturers offer often a wide range of their vans- such as differences in  commercial version vs crewvan, 2WD and 4x4 models as well as different wheel bases.

For example the exhaust on a 2WD Transporter T6 might be very different in location and size or a available place underbody your MWB Sprinter might interfere with the location of the shower tray outlets...

This facts causing, that tanks may can not set up in the "planned" location.

We therefore encourage you to do get underneath your van (you have to do this anyway when you planning the installation of a tank) and carefully take measurements for available space.

Once you know the space you have and its works out with your layout- check our shop for water tanks for your vehicle or compare our  generic tanks and their dimensions. Most likely you will find a suitable tank.

You can also use the contact form below and we can check if we can offer a suitable tank for the dimensions you need OR the next closed "off the shelf" size available.

TIP: Make sure you allow also for inlets, outlets and hose sizes and locations when you plan available space for a tank.


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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special fresh & grey water tanks

Vehicle specific water tanks to fit underbody or internal wheel arch tanks. Usable for fresh and grey water.

All tanks threated with inlet, outlet and breather port- we will contact you after your order where you would like getting the them set.

All tanks can be ordered with a round inspection hole to give full access to the inside of your tank.


  1. Ford Transit 2007 onwards to fit on passenger side (N/S)
  2. Fiat Ducato between chassis and hand brake rod (N/S or O/S)
  3. Renault Master center infront of rear axle
  4. Renault Trafic centrally behind fuel tank
  5. Sprinter / VW LT O/S behind driver step
  6. Toyota Hiace O/S
  7. VW T4 centrally to rear of fuel tank
  8. VW T4 below sliding door step
  9. VW T5 center infront of spare wheel (203) 38 litre
  10. VW T5 step tank O/S underbody towards driver door 27 litre
  11. VW T5 skirt tank O/S underbody (can be joined with Nr10.) 22 litre
  12. VW T5 internal wheel arch
  13. wheel arch tank


NOTE: tanks can not be returned or exchanged- measure careful before ordering and advise for future fittings  thread location as well as if you like to use tank as grey/ waste or fresh water tank. Otherwise tank will come with no threads and and inspection hole.

Tanks only- brackets not supplied.

vehicle specific underbody food grade tanks for vans


  • approx 7-14 day production time1