A boutique style series vehicle - Campino Quattro

The new mid 2018 released Campino Quattro offers a layout which suit all people who want to carry extra passengers and even thinking about travelling, living a sleeping in The Campino with 4 people. While the gas strut operated bed is a additional option, the easy lift and roomy Euro roof and the sophisticated European seat with integrated seat belts and head rest is standard in the Campino Quattro. It never has been so comfortable to travel in the rear of a campervan and its so easy to transform it into a super flat bed. The up to 2.35m high roof makes the Quattro feeling much larger and brighter inside and is easy to operate up and down with very little effort.

More informations and pricing can be found also on The Campinos own webpage here

The 4 seater custom build version Hiace

This was a custom request conversion, becoming the Prototype idea  for the Campino Quattro which we developed in 2018

The first campervan in a series which is complete "leave no trace compliant" due to fact that its has also a build in grey water tank on  board.

The layout is a Classic layout- but fine tuned an designed to gain more space, offering a a easy to make bed and lots of storage.


Main features are:

  • 4 seats with seat belts
  • storage space under seats, rear part of bench seat easy to lift for larger load
  • 2 single beds easy to make up
  • galley kitchen on the driver side
  • 2 burner stove for inside and outside cooking
  • sink with lid,
  • 6 litre hot water system
  • 4 drawers, 3 doors, extra storage space
  • 80 l fridge, storage cabinetry on driver side
  • 58 litre fresh water tank, 12V water pump
  • 42 litre grey water tank
  • wardrobe storage space
  • aux shower hot and cold
  • 240V Microwave
  • storage for table and pic nic chairs
  • smart 12V set up with B2B charger, 120W roof solar panels, USB/ACC sockets
  • control and operation panel "all in one"
  • 240V/15A battery charger, power points, circuit breaker
  • awning outside and windows with insect and secure mesh