compact outside - a spatial wonder inside

Our customers wanted a combination van:

Having a everyday runner which is still easy to maneouvre and lets you drive in shopping center under cover parking and to be economical on fuel consumption.

On the other hand they wanted to make most of the small Iload van inside- having a full camper fit out with all the features like fridge, microwave, sink and shower option with hot/cold water, storage for a porta loo and good overall storage and of course standing height inside. They opted also for a single OR large bed sleeping set up and no windows in the rear area (to add on skytracks storages at a later stage).

Inside the van its still has a roomy feeling, using bright colours for the cabinetry and a smart layout with fold ups and dual use areas. The cabinetry features adjustable shelving inside, bi-fold doors to save space,  set of drawers under the bed, extra storage in bed area accesable from top and front.

The Reimo roof kept the van at a low total height while driving and boosts a enormous height and good air flow with up to 2.35m standing height inside when up.

Additional the customer has the option to add on a top bed for guests to sleep if required at any stage.