Hyundai Iload and Imax elevated roof conversions



This Reimo roof is specific designed for the Hyundai Iload and Imax and gives extra space inside.

You can also order a top bed for it to sleep upstairs at extra cost to make it even a 3 or 4 sleeper camper!

Plenty of height inside with 1.75m at the back and in the front 2.30m high when open.

Comes with 3 windows, two of them with mossie screen fly net.

Super slim line when closed- stays under 2m and you can enter nearly every under cover car park.

Aerodynamic front spoiler to avoid road noise while driving.


The elevated roof converts your Hyundai into a real Compact Camper!!! Walking around, full standing height inside when prepairing meals or such, is just as easy as to lift up the roof. A full interior conersion can be seen here

The gas struts operated roof is easy to open and close, while the front spoiler gives the roof a stylish and aerodynamic finish.


  • low profile and specific designed for your van
  • roof inside finished with crushed velvet finish and extra insulation
  • 3  large windows (2 with mossie screens)
  • adds on approx 80mm in height to actual vehicle height
  • 2015 models coming with separate sleek front spoiler
  • easy to operate gas strut lifting system
  • easy and simple closing/ secure the roof when down with strap lock setup
  • great internal standing height from 175cm to 235cm (from low to higher end)
  • spacious upper beds where you can sit comfortable on the higher end
  • supply and fit only (we do not just selling/ship the roofs as separate items)


Hyundai Iload and IMax*

  Roof conversion Iload supply and fit from        $ 10,895

  Roof conversion IMax supply and fit from **   $ 13,595

                                                            optional upper bed supply and fit                       $     995


* roof compliances and engineer certificates/ mod plates are available for QLD, SA, Victoria and NSW registered vehicles at extra cost- please ask for the specific cost for your state.

**. Imax roof conversion includes relocating of AIr Con ceiling controls and Air-con is operationl on driver side only. For Air con fully operational on both sides a extra 660 do apply

Why a Reimo roof for my Hyundai?


  • designed & build to highest german standards
  • very strong and safe - achieved by sandwich construction
    compliant with german TUEV saftey standards
  • gas struts operation (easier to use then old style scissors)
  • heat, cold and sound proof - very well insulated roof
  • standing height from 1.75-2.35 meters
  • option for spacious upper bed