Mini camper Deluxe

Compact car AND campervan... is that possible?!

Yes, with the roof conversion for for the VW Caddy Maxi ( LWB)  you can use your Caddy as a 5 seater people mover as well as a mini camper.

The roof conversion not only gives you standing height inside, also a extra upper bed can be fit at additional cost.

With the Reimo roof conversion, your economical and handy Caddy still coming with a total height of less then 2 meters and makes it easy to park in undercover garages.


Caddy Reimo roof, elevated campervan VW



Caddy Maxi Van and people mover LWB


  • smallest campervan with elevated roof on the AU market
  • sleek design. aerodynamic spoiler
  • super easy to operate the roof up and down, thanks to gast strut system
  • super low, fits in (near) all undercover car parks and garages- as its well below 2 meters
  • base vehicle is available as 2 or 5 sater as 2WD and 4Motion version to get off the beaten tracks.
  • upper bed optional
  • colour matching for roof available at additional cost
  • 2x mossie net and one clear front window- watch interior Inside tour video here


order & secure your roof now - 4 months waiting list


VW Caddy with Camper roof conversion

The elevated roof converts your Caddy into a real Mini Camper!!! Walking around, standing height inside when prepairing meals is just as easy as to lift up the roof. A optional upper bed in the roof can sleep another 2 people.


The gas struts operated roof is easy to open and close, while the front spoiler gives the roof a stylish and aerodynamic finish.


VW Caddy LWB 2004-2014

VW Caddy LWB 2015 onwards

Roof conversion including supply and fit from                $ 7,515*

optional upper bed supply and fit                                   $    995


* roof compliances and engineer certificates/ mod plates are available for QLD, SA, Victoria and NSW registered vehicles at extra cost- please ask for the specific cost for your state.