special water tanks

A essential part in every campervan conversions are the water tanks.

We discovered that there is a lack of water tanks available on the market which is shaped to specific vehicles, so we sourced the best tanks from Europe and Australia for a successful campervan conversion.

In within the conversion you most than likely will look for a tank which has a practical volume in liters as well as a low profile and will tuck away underneath the vehicle coming with a (near) flush finish.  This is especially important on low clearance vehicles as most front wheel drive commercial e.g. Renault Trafic, Renault Master, Fiat Ducato, Volkswagen Transporter and others.

  • Allwater tanks a routationally moulded and build in durable 4-8mm food grade plastic.
  • round large inspection hole/lid can be extra ordered
  • food grade plastic - so NO smell and NO bad taste
  • you can choose where thread ports will be located

If you need a different shape or size,we can offer over 100 different tanks.

special fresh & grey water tanks

Vehicle specific water tanks to fit underbody or internal wheel arch tanks. Usable for fresh and grey water.

All tanks threated with inlet, outlet and breather port- we will contact you after your order where you would like getting the them set.

All tanks can be ordered with a round inspection hole to give full access to the inside of your tank.


  1. Ford Transit 2007 onwards to fit on passenger side (N/S)
  2. Fiat Ducato between chassis and hand brake rod (N/S or O/S)
  3. Renault Master center infront of rear axle
  4. Renault Trafic centrally behind fuel tank
  5. Sprinter / VW LT O/S behind driver step
  6. Toyota Hiace O/S
  7. VW T4 centrally to rear of fuel tank
  8. VW T4 below sliding door step
  9. VW T5 center infront of spare wheel (203) 38 litre
  10. VW T5 step tank O/S underbody towards driver door 27 litre
  11. VW T5 skirt tank O/S underbody (can be joined with Nr10.) 22 litre
  12. VW T5 internal wheel arch
  13. wheel arch tank


NOTE: tanks can not be returned or exchanged- measure careful before ordering and advise for future fittings  thread location as well as if you like to use tank as grey/ waste or fresh water tank. Otherwise tank will come with no threads and and inspection hole.

Tanks only- brackets not supplied.

vehicle specific underbody food grade tanks for vans
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  • approx 7-14 day production time1